Aruba Legal Age

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The minimum legal age for alcohol and gambling is 18. However, it is not fully implemented. They are usually not «carded». The minimum legal age for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits in Aruba is 18 years. Nevertheless, the age of alcohol consumption in Aruba is not strictly enforced. If you look old enough, you would be very easily served with alcoholic beverages. Aruba has a varied culture, but as in any other constituent state, there is still a lot of influence that the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its people have brought to Aruba. For example, it is no coincidence that the legal drinking age in the Netherlands is also 18. Festival season is the biggest time of year for alcohol vendors. Aruba enjoys a stable economic situation that is better than most Caribbean islands, and many of its inhabitants can easily afford to buy alcoholic beverages.

The minimum legal age for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits in Aruba is 18 years. This is a conservative age limit that is consistent with the majority of other countries in the world. The legislation surrounding alcohol consumption in the paradise island cannot be described particularly strictly compared to other countries such as Saudi Arabia, which do not allow alcohol consumption at all and have severe penalties for people who violate this rule. Drinking alcohol is allowed in Aruba along the beach. However, the Aruba police can arrest you if you throw away garbage, as this is a serious crime and you need to be careful to properly dispose of empty beer bottles. Phones – To make a local call from a public phone, you must purchase a phone card in denominations of $5, $9 or $18 at the airport, hotel counter, gas station or supermarket. You can also dial tel. 121 to make a pickup call. Most mobile phones work in Aruba, but you may need to call your carrier first to make sure you have an international plan.

Prices are usually in the range of $2 per minute and 50¢ per text. Make sure to disable the data plan while you are on the island, otherwise your phone will charge when you try to connect to the network for system updates. AT&T customers can dial the phone. 916/843-4685 to reach an operator from a mobile phone, or call tel. 800-8000 from phones at cruise docks and at the airport. Verizon`s global customer service number is 908/559-4899. Sprint customer service in Aruba is at 888/211-4727. T-Mobile can be reached at 888/866-2453. Local mobile phones can be rented at the airport on a daily or weekly basis.

The two main carriers are Digicel (tel. 297/522-2222; and SETAR (tel. 297/583-4000; Prices are $50 per week for a certain number of minutes, with a fee per minute for overruns. There is an additional charge for outgoing and incoming calls and a deposit is usually required. For frequent calls, Skype allows you to use your laptop to make calls to landlines and mobile phones for a penny. If your hotel has free Wi-Fi, you`ll need to register a package, provided you`re ready to take the laptop with you. Alcohol Laws – The minimum legal age for alcohol consumption in Aruba is 18 for beer, wine and spirits. Although the consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on the beaches, be sure to remove all empty bottles, as the Aruba authorities strictly manage their litter laws. The age of consent in Aruba is 15 years. The age of consent is the minimum age at which a person is legally considered old enough to consent to participate in sexual activities.

The country is known for its blonde and sunny beaches, turquoise sea and beautiful culture. Although Aruba is an independent state, most of its educational and political system comes from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This includes the legal system, which, among other things, sets the legal age limit for anyone who wants to drink alcohol or gamble. There are no official nudist beaches. Public nudity of any kind is illegal and can be an insult to the people of Aruba. However, there are many small, very secluded beaches along the northeast coast, some of which require a 4-wheeled vehicle to get where you can be alone and do whatever you want (at your own risk), subject to interruption at any time by 4WD or horseback riding excursions.